Various ATV hardware projects

This is the place, where various technical projects will be introduced. Everyone is welcome to add his experience in form of software, an article, a circuit or a PCB-Board etc... So,- this page will (hopefully) be in permanent construction !

Simple 1.2 GHz Reception Pre-Amplifier by DL9AQ

FM-ATV RX-Baseband-Processing for Satellite-Tuner

Get QRV for reception on 23cm (1.2 GHz) FM-ATV

Get QRV for reception on 13cm (2.4 GHz) FM-ATV

Simple PLL for FM-ATV Sat-Tuner

10 GHz FM-ATV Transceiver - an overview

ATV - Squelch (Synch Code Detector)

Simple 23cm and 13cm antenna (by S51KQ/S53MV)

1.3 GHz - 20 Watt amplifier with M57762

Fast and effective protection against high voltage (>15 V)

Quad Array Antennas  neu

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