The location of the PI6ANH ATV-Repeater

As the PI6ANH repeater is quite new, the final location for continual operation hasn't been found yet. The last hardware works were finished only a few weeks ago,- now the time has come to watch the repeaters behaviour very closely.

At the moment the repeater is already working at a location in Arnhem (JO21XW) in 40m (120ft) hight. It reaches places in a 30km (18 miles) radius.- Pictures of the present location with antenna, other hardware and the outlook etc. are in preparation.

Then, in a few weeks, we finally hope to find a very free and high place. Negotiations are already going on.- As soon as we know more, we shall show and introduce the exact place more closely to you. Please have a little a patient.

What you see on the left is the present antenna situation for receiving on 1.2 GHz and transmitting on 2.4 GHz. On the top it's the Alford-Slot antenna (1.2 GHz). Right below we use a construction (2.4 GHz) of four dipol-groups (each four elements,- hidden under a water-protection), which are connected together by a 1:4 power-divider. Hereby the radiation pattern can be adapted to the local requirements. We estimate the gain of each antenna to about 7 dBd.

Our latest project for an 2.4 GHz high-gain antenna is a half-sided 11-slot antenna. First measurement results were very satisfying: a gain of more than 13 dBd is more than we could expect. We'll introduce the antenna to you later on...

The area around the PI6ANH ATV-repeater

From the center of Arnhem the repeater reaches wide areas in The Netherlands and Germany already. In The Netherlands the area is called the "Gelderland" with cities like: Arnhem, Nijmegen, Apeldoorn, Deventer and Enschede,- just to mention a few. On the German side, only a few kilometers away across the border, it's called the "Niederrhein" with cities like: Kleve, Emmerich, Goch, Kevelaer, Xanten, Bocholt and Wesel. I here confine myself on the region, where the repeater is being received, which is more the north-western part of the Niederrhein around the city of Kleve. Annother map with the area of noise-free ATV-reception will soon be added.

The green zone represents the border between Germany (on the right) and the Netherlands (on the left). The HF is mainly beamed into the direction of Kleve, which lies in the south-east of the repeaters (marked red on the map) location. The distance between Arnhem and Kleve is about 24 km (15 miles). If you want to look for Arnhem or Kleve on the map, try to locate the river Rhine in Germany and follow it up to the north until the river crosses the German-Dutch border...

The "Niederrhein"

Actually the "Niederrhein" covers a much bigger area: Generally the "Niederrhein" (translated: The Lower Rhine Area) stands for the region between the German-Dutch border in the north-west and the Cologne-Aachen area in the south-east.
Cities as Duisburg, Krefeld, Mönchen-Gladbach and Düsseldorf (which is the capital city of the federal state "Nordrhein-Westfalen") also belong to the Niederrhein. For general news and other activities in the region visit the "NiederRhein Startseite" homepage for the cities in the region (still in German only).

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