ATV repeater Cologne, DB0KO

DB0KO-Testbild alt

This repeater located in Cologne since 1980 (licence holder DF9KH) had an FM-ATV output on 1280 MHz (only antenna and Sat-TV-Receiver attached to any TV set needed). It was intended to be a "Multimedia" repeater from the start, so besides the ATV inputs from 70 cm to 3 cm there were RTTY, SSTV and FAX inputs on the 2 m band (not active any more). That needed a complex control system working computerized.

Technical data DB0KO

QRV: 24h, beacon mode with computer testchart, cw call sign on sound output every 10 minutes.

Opening procedures:

Other details: Regular DARC bulletin on ATV (produced by local radio amateurs) every sunday at 11 h MEZ, followed by amateur videos from various events

Transmitter, some control circuits and most receivers built or modified by DF9KH; output antenna by DJ1KF(sk), 23 cm and 13 cm antennas by DK3FF; some control electronics and testchart computer built or modif. by DG2KR, DD7KQ, DF9KM, DJ7KN; wheather satellite converter (FAXWERTER III) by DH4KAH;

English version by Klaus, DL4KCK

  New QTH about 10 km south of Cologne is run by DG3KHS, details see

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