General Information on the PI6ANH ATV Repeater

Some of the (original) information-boards of the repeater during test-picture mode 

General Technical Data

The ATV signals within a radius of the the Arnhem area up to the "Lower Rhine Valley" (in German language: "Niederrhein") are relayed by the PI6ANH Amateur Television Repeater. For the time being, it's build on a 40m (120 ft) high tower block in downtown Arnhem (The Netherlands). Arnhem is located about 18 km (11 miles) away from the German-Dutch Border with the worldwide QRA Locator: JO21XW or 5:57' 30'' O , 51:56' 15'' N. By beaming the signal with a 180 degree (-3 dB) antenna (gain= 13dBd), the main reception area becomes the farest north-western part of Germany and parts of the Netherlands.

The responsible for the repeater and the holder of the licence is OM Lucienne (PE1OFO).

The output frequency of the ATV-repeater is 2387 MHz on the 13cm-band,- The antenna is horizontal polarized. Video- and audio carriers are modulated in FM (Frequency Modulation). Together with the latest Eleven-Slot Antenna (gain > 13dBd) and the present HF-Power of 6W , we reach around 50 W ERP. (The difference of nearly 4dB still gets lost in the transmission line).

The input frequencies are on 1252 MHz and 10.4 GHz,- both also FM-modulated and horizontal polarized.
The sound subcarrier for receiving and transmitting is at 6.0 MHz distance to the video-carrier.
More hardware informations are available.

Operating the Repeater

Just put a FM-modulated ATV-signal on one of the input frequencies. The synch pulse detector will automaticly switch the transmitter on 2.4 GHz into operation. If signals are on 2.4 GHz and 10 GHz at the same time, 10 GHz has priority !
Those who start with the reception only, can watch the repeater at every full hour for 10 minutes with the various test-pictures. Eight different information tables will be displayed during that time.

If you are holding a valid HAM-Radio licence, please call in on 144.750 MHz Simplex. Very often HAM-operators are st'by there and will help with advice or will just send a nice TV-pictures into your direction... Don't hesitate !
Reception reports are most welcome and will be confirmd by a QSL-card and a photo of the repeater-rig. Please mail your report to PE1OFO (Lucienne) or to one of the others of the Arnhem-repeater group...

Future plans

To compensate and minimize the loss of the feed-line on the 2.4 GHz-band, an extra amplifier of about 20W is planned right under the transmitting antenna.
Also negotiations are going on to change the location of the repeater. It then would be on one of the highest points in the area with a hight of more than 140m (420 ft) above sea-level. Please keep your fingers crossed for us !


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