TV-AMATEUR, magazine for amateur radio television, dx reception of television, satellite tv reception, video technology and other special modes like fax and sstv, is a periodical of AGAF

(amateur radio television working group, registered)

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AGAF is an interest group within the amateur radio service in order to promote, care, protect and preserve the interest of amateur radio television (atv, narrow band atv and digital atv) and other special modes like slow scan television and fax. We are members of the "european amateur television working group" (EATWG).

AGAF has been founded in 1968 and has nearly 1000 members now. For 15 years it was a working group within the "picture and digital modes division" of the german DARC e.V.; because of DARC statutes this got terminated. After registering in 1995 AGAF e.V. has applied for corporate membership in DARC. On 9.6.98 the DARC committee denied this.

AGAF e.V. is registered in the lobby list of the german parliament under AZ: WD 3/162-9218-01812

President, contacts to BNetzA / IARU / DARC / EATF:
Prof. Uwe Kraus, DJ8DW
e-mail: DJ8DW

1. chairman:
Joerg Hedtmann, DF3EI
e-mail: DF3EI

new AGAF office
Stuttgarter Platz 15
10627 Berlin-Charlottenburg
e-mail: AGAF-Geschäftsstelle

The periodical magazine "TV-AMATEUR" serves for exchange of experience and promoting of technological and scientific experiments in the amateur radio service; it publishes news, test reports, construction specifications and tips for technic and operating. TV-AMATEUR is the only specialized magazine for picture modes in the german speaking region. Furthermore there are seminars and exhibitions to demonstrate the state of the art.

To promote the atv activity there are donated contests and cups and wallpapers. A special concern of AGAF is a good relationship to other amateur radio groups with similar goals and to preserve the interests of picture modes in relation to legislative authorities and similar offices.

TV-AMATEUR is published four times a year, beginning with Nr.169 as PDF, the price is equal to the membership fee. It can be purchased via the AGAF office or online after registration at TV-AMATEUR order

The authors of the articles are responsible for the content and agree to editorial corrections and use by the AGAF. Any publishing is done without guarantee and protection by patent. Purchasing and operating of receivers, transmitters must be done according to legal and postal regulations.

Reprints of portions are allowed only after written permit by the AGAF office. Exclusion of liability for unsolicited manuscripts. Published articles are copyrighted, all rights reserved by AGAF.

Written requests should be sent to

editor in chief:
Klaus Kramer, DL4KCK

Alarichstr. 56
D-50679 Cologne
e-mail: DL4KCK

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